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The Gargano Femminello is the most ancient Italian lemon, owning two typologies: the lemon with “gentle” rind and the prolate one. These two Femminallo varieties are marked by a strong quantity in their rinds of essential oils and by a very intense aroma.

The limoncello is a sweet liqueur obtained by the maceration in alcohol of lemon rinds; afterword it is diluted with water and sugar. It must be icy served, usually as a digestive at the end of the meal or as an aperitif. 

Ingredients: Alcool idrato*, infuso di limone Femminello del Gargano IGP*, zucchero di canna*
Format: 500ml / 200ml
Alcohol: 27% vol.

Limoncello - 500mlPrice: 27,50 €

Limoncello - 200mlPrice: 13,70 €

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