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Gargano’s myrtle liquor
Gargano’s myrtle liquor

The myrtle is an evergreen plant, whose berries, besides being eaten immediately after pick, are used for the preparation of the liquor as well. The handcrafted myrtle liquor, prepared with the maceration of the berries in the alcohol, is very famous for its digestive properties. It has an intense color, a penetrating smell and a fruity taste, besides a huge freshness and endurance.

It has to be served preferably cold.

Ingredients: hydrate alcohol*, sugar*, wild myrtle berries*. *Organic ingredient.
Format: 500ml / 200ml
Alcohol: 23%

Gargano’s myrtle liquor - 500mlPrice: 27,50 €

Gargano’s myrtle liquor - 200mlPrice: 13,70 €

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