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Welcome to bHortus, in Puglia, the workshop where we create precious homemade liqueurs: true "alchemy of the soul".

In our workshop we knead fruits, berries, herbs and essences captured directly in the heart of Gargano, in Puglia, in a very handcrafted way raw material rigorously selected, without resorting neither to artificial aroma, nor to chemical additives, in order to preserve the original fragrance and taste.

bHortus was born in Cagnano Varano, in Puglia, from the trial of Filippo Stefanìa, a chemical engineer by profession and alchemist for passion, for over thirty years, he studied the flavors, aromas and essences contained in natural products that Gargano offers. The extraction is performed using simple natural physical processes, such as distillation or extraction with alcohol or boiling water.
After years of trials on herbal teas and traditional liqueurs of Gargano, the type of mixture and relative proportions, he creates bHortus organic liqueurs, with characteristic and original flavors.

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